Saturday, September 12, 2009


Have you been hesitating because you don't know what the perfect page is to send in? (there is no perfect page! we just wanna see you!)

Do you keep saying to yourself... I'll get to it later! Right now I'm _______ (fill in the blank) so I'm too busy. (we're not asking for much! just a page and a short who are ya!)

Do you think you're not good enough and definitely won't get picked because you're a "nobody"? (we love new, fresh talent!)

Do you not remember our email address? (

Did you forget that the deadline is so soon!? (it really is. 3 days, people!)

Well, you better get on it because there are only 3 MORE DAYS to get your entry in and then us scrapjacked girls will have to do some MAJOR selections because you all sent some KILLER entries in.

Get 'em in! And stay tuned for all of you who already submitted! Even we are excited to know who it's gonna be (and NO, we have NO idea yet! We need to see everyone first!)

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