Monday, December 14, 2009

Stephanie Wheeler, Come on Down!!

Hello everyone! I am pleased to bring you our latest Jack! This month we are Jacking the awesome Stephanie Wheeler, also known online as "LivingRoomFloor." I have admired Stephanie's style ever since I met her on SIS 2+ years ago, and now she has just been added to the Studio Calico design team! Congrats!! Her style is modern, simple and often geometric which I love and find very inspirational. Here is her page that we jacked and our takes on it. I hope you find it inspirational as well and decide to play along!

Steph's awesome page:

Our Jacks:








Me (Vanessa):

Post your versions here and the winner will get a box of scrap goodies and a mixed CD from me! Get to Jacking!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surprise Caroline! You've Been Jacked!!

We are SO excited to bring you the awesome talent of Caroline Ikeji this month to jack! Caroline is crazy talented and fresh and awesome! We had such a hard time picking out what page of hers to jack but came up with this one because of the fun colors and fresh feel. thanks for the inspiration, Caroline!and here's our takes:

Christina: Meg: Vanessa:

We cannot wait to see your takes on Caroline's amazing page! So get to it and the winner will get a little something something surprise ;)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hey everyone! B here! Thanks for putting up with my witchy friend, Belinda. She's a crazy one, isn't she?

Geez, if you haven't seen all the submissions for this month's challenge, I would suggest you go back and look at all them. They are all so awesome and spooky and so much fun! I love Halloween!

Without further ado!!! The winner of the awesome CHALKBOARD TEE IS......(drumroll...baddabadda..)

Scrapmum!!! We absolutely adored your handcrafted wreath! So amazing and creative!!!

The next winner, who will receive the Pink Paislee Twilight collection is....... (baddabaddabadda)....

Callista!!!! What an awesome and fun Halloween mini album!

Both of you please email me at with your physical addies! And congrats!!

Ok, so we still wanted to showcase some more of our faves!! I mean, look at these, too!! This was a very very hard decision!


We had a few people add some more projects over the weekend. And since I have a day job (boo. lol), I will look at the new additions and confer with my fellow witches this afternoon.

I will be posting the winnerS this evening. Okie dokie, pokies?

OH! and how was everyone's weekend? Any funny stories to tell? What did you dress up as?

See you peeps soon!
(aka Belinda)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hello, my faithful little subjects! muwahahahaha
I am Belinda the witch and I have taken over the ScrapJacked blog for the spooky month of October. I have gotten together with my witchcraft cult and we have come up with some eerie inspiration for you.

So, put your cauldron on simmer and sit back to enjoy these delicious treats!

First, me and the ghouls looked into our crystal ball for some input and it spoke to us. It said..... "CHARITY HASSEL....CHARITY'S SOUL IS THE NEXT VICTIM! MUWAHAHAHAH"

The ghouls and I saw Charity's scary creations over at the Pink Paislee pad where she casted a guest designer spell for them and we knew we wanted to steal her mojo!!!!!!!!!! This haunted house reminds me of the Adams Family's beautiful home. We still get together with them every Hallow's Eve. Ahhh...special memories...I can smell the newt's eye cooking now....
SO HAUNTINGLY DELISH, RIGHT?? This is very much my dream (or NIGHTMARE) home!!

Thank you, Charity, for letting us STEAL YOUR MOJO!! HEHEHEH

I also want to to introduce you to our GUEST WITCH, KIMMITHY. I have been keeping an eye on her magic for some time now. I thought she could handle stealing a little of Charity's mojo for a spell. She is also in the extra wicked cult of Pink Paislee.

Kimmi forged a spooky door hanging for her haunted house.

Here are what the other ghouls spun with Charity's mojo:

Chez has the best hats at her sinister mansion. I love when she lets me borrow them for our Ghostly Gatherings!

Bre loves to munch on children..I mean And showed us with this adorable layout!

Vanessa cooked up a fun page! I see her wizard stirring my fave dish in the photo...SNAKE STEW!!! V, you will save me some, eh?

Safo made this devilish layout. Safo, I LOVE your new zombie look. It is so you!

Michelle (the wicked witch of the dirty south) contrived a mini album that looks just like the their own chilling castle. eeeeee

Mandy fashioned a very scary layout

and a mask.... I want to wear this with Chez's hat!! I would be the most BOOtiful witch in the mansion!!

I (aka Beth) designed 3 frightening wall hangings.

Look at her minions in the layout below!!!

This month we are going to choose 2 victims...THAT RIGHT, 2 VICTIMS to receive some GHASTLY PRIZES!!!!! Pink Paislee donated their most hauntingly line, TWILIGHT!!!

Below is what you will receive if you are one of the winner's for this month's challenge.

Our second AMAZING prize is provided by a very innovative new sponsor, The Chalkboard Tee. They have shown their chalkboard tees at cool places such as the Brooklyn Renegade Fair. They have shirts for the munchkins that you can chalk on!! We all know that the little munsters love to draw on well... everything (including my brand new 100 year old cauldron!!), so what better than having a shirt that you're actually ALLOWED to draw on with it's own little pocket for chalk in it. If you're anything like us witches, you're always on the lookout for a unique gift that you don't actually have to walk into Goblins-r-us to get. They will be offering a shirt to the winner, BUT they've also done a ghastly thing for our innocent subjects and are offering 20% off all holiday pre-orders!!!. Just enter the code attnchalk at checkout. This code is good for pre-orders. All pre-orders will be shipped out on 12/10.

So, is everyone ready to play?!!!!!!!!!! Are you inspired????



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another peekie poo...

That's all you get for now!
This is gonna be a killa jack y'all!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Hey peeps! B here! Don't forget to check back on the 15th!!! We are going to have a spooktacular time!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spooky Makeover!

Like our spooky new makeover? Well stick around...we have a haunting jack in store for you on the 15th! You scared?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VaNeSSa JACK winner.....

Thanks everyone for playing along (so many rocking layouts) and CONGRATS to miss MICHELLE C. you rocked this challenge! the colors, the layout and the hot cowboy---does it get better than this?!??! :)

send us your adress @


here are a couple of the other entired that we received that we loved.
wish we could post them all...

thanks ladies and come back on the 15th for an spooky OCTOBER jack!!
happy october.


Well, the day is FINALLY here and we have FINALLY chosen our new jackers (yes, that's right... i said jackers. as in... more than one... read on!)

First things first.... we want to thank everyone who took the time to enter. We know what it's like to put yourselves out there and sit back and cross your fingers. I think we've all been in that position. You ladies made this a TOUGH decision. Seriously tough. Please know that every single one of the entrants could have brought something awesome to the jacker table, but unfortunately, we couldn't have that many new jackers ;) However, we do have an AWESOME gallery of people to choose from so WATCH OUT because YOU may be the next person jacked!

So here's the deal.... we set out with the full intention of adding one jacker.... and then when the entries started pouring in, we decided to add two jackers.... and then on the last day when we saw the amazing talent, we knew there was NO way we could possibly do less than 3 jackers (and it was insane to get it down that low).... So I'd like to introduce you to our newest 3 jackers.... that is, if the ladies accept (won't you please join us, girls?!)

Welcome, Mandy Starner!!!
Here is the beautiful page that Mandy submitted to jack:And our girls did it up:

Welcome, Vanessa DeLisio!!!
Vanessa actually submitted the page that we jacked of hers last jack so we took it upon ourselves to pick a different page of hers to jack:And here is how some of our jackers did it up:Michelle

Welcome, Safo Toussaint!!!
Here is the amazing page that Safo sent in for us to jack:
And here is how some of our jackers did her up:Breanne Christina

Again, we want to thank ALL of you for entering. The talent was truly awe-inspiring and amazing. We hope that you will continue to participate in our jacks and stay tuned because we have some awesome things coming up for you all!