Wednesday, August 29, 2007

grandJack!!! it's the bigTIME!!!

here we go jacksters!!!!

so, you all know that we've been jacking the effers all month,
for the final jack action we've decided to jack the 3 former effers all at once!!!

yep!! that means 3 (yes three) jacks this week!!! so, amber nichole, ashley wren, and missy you've all been scrapjacked!!!!

and here are their layouts to jack, the rules will follow.....



amber nicholejack

here's the dealio.
just to give you all a headstart (and because this is a big one) we're not posting our jacks until sunday.
you're free to jack any and all of the effers and we'd love to see your jacks but to be eligible for the grandjack prize you're gonna have to show us all of your jacks!!

so this is how it works......
jack these last 3 fab-o girls
(and you must have jacked the other 4 effers this month with us)
post a link to all 7 of your jack's here or leave us a comment with a link to the gallery/message board where all seven of your jacks can be found, if they are all on your blog please leave us the link to the jacks.....
if you need more info. just give us a shout and we'll clarify....

oh, and to make it all worth your while, i suppose you'd like to know what is in store huh???

lol!! we've decide as a prize for the grand jack to send the grandjacker a personal RAK from each of the scrapjacked girls!! AND kristina contes has graciously offered up a RAK from herself!!!
AND the winner will get to be our first official guest jacker who is responsible for choosing our September 15th jack!!!

hook us up with your linkage by wednesday september 5th (we're giving you a couple of extra days b/c it's a big one) and on the 8th we'll announce our GRANDJACKER '07!!!

good luck girlies and we can't wait to see your next jacks!!!

congrats Amy Christine!!!!

we loved your nisajack!!!
email me with your address and i'll get your awesome prize from Dove of the East into the mail!!!

and here are some of our other faves too!

and don't forget to stay tuned for the grand jack tonight!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

last effer but not least......

nisa've been scrapjacked!

we loved this page the mostest !!!!!

and here's ours featuring the papers from our wonderful sponsor for this week,




the other jackers will be along shortly........

don't forget to link us to your jacks before next wednesday for a chance to win a beautiful prize pack from Dove of the East. And stay tuned for the ultimate scrapjack challenge on the 29th!!!! You will be scrappin' like madd! lol!

Oh Sally! You done it again!

After another week of awesome submissions and horrible decision making...we went with Sally AKA Native Texan. Her mix of supplies here just totally rocked! I hope you all agree. So as usual, below is just SOME of our other favs. Now don't forget to check back later tonight for your next jack. Hmmm...which one is left? LOL!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Effer #3 - Yo Gen!

So ya'll ready for the next Effer?! Here she is...Genevieve Simmons. How can you not adore this layout? I mean really!

We all agreed that this layout was killa so we knew we had to jack it. Here is how we did will you?




Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFalyn

Now the fun us what ya got! Jack it up the best way you know how and link us up. You never know, you might just win!
our sponsor for the megjack is she's got some pretty sweet stuff in her shop so jack meg and link us before wednesday!! and we'll be back with the winner and the nisajack on wednesday!!

Winner, winner...who's the winner?!

Andrea (aka: anjopanjo) that's who! Congrats girl! Your layout blew us all away! Send us your addie so we can get your prize to you. Ashley with CocoCupcake will be sending you a fabulous prize pack!
So you wanna see how hard this decision was...check out the rest of our favs!

Ok, now we will be posting our next dareJACK later tonight so check back!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Effer #2 -'re it!'re it! We are jackin' you up sista!

This is the jack of Meghan Dymock. Sounds very "E! True Hollywood" doesn't it?! LOL!

Now here is how WE jacked it up!



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFalyn

So you wanna play? Come us whatcha got! You have until next wednesday when we post the winner. Later that evening we will post the next DareJACK!

Mara-May...You rocked it!

Oh yeah! You girls totally rocked it! We narrowed it down as much as we could and then just picked one. It was so, so hard! So, Mara-May...send me your addy and we will get your prize to ya! We are amazed at the amount of people playing along and how talented you all are! Here are a few more of our favs.

Stay tuned later tonight for the next DareJACK!