Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet Ms. Barker

Yep, more changes...this time it's an addition. We are proud to announce an addition to our jackers team. Introducing Meg! Meg Barker is going to be joining us and jacking up a storm this year. Meg has participated in the jacks for quite some time and we just knew she would be a perfect fit. Join us in welcoming her. Oh and she is expecting a baby in just a few days so CONGRATS all around Meg!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kristina Contes.....playa, you've been ScrapJacked!

Hey. Welcome to '09, baby.

Us girlies here at SJ, wanted to mix it up for the new year. Why not take inspo from anything, not just a scrapbook page? I know we've chosen Kristina in the past and have jacked her crazy fab layout style.....but this time, I recenetly saw Mrs. Contes' blog and she had posted this hecka cool picture of her wall in her pad. Right away, I thought it would be awesome to use it as a jumping off point to create into a scrapbook page or whatever else your little creative hearts desired.

Fun right?
we think so!

Here is how we Jacked it:






Take the challenge.
Explore the little artist inside you.
Be inspired and create.

Just don't forget to link us up! Can't wait to see how Kristina's wall will inspire you!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

VirginaJACK Winner and some changes for 2009

First of all...congrats Kelly! You are our big winner for the VirginaJACK! Send us your addie!
And more faves...
We are entering into a new year and we are all super busy these days (and we know you are too!) so we want to simplify. Starting with January, we will only be doing one jack a month. The jack will be posted on the 15th of every month and you will have until the end of the month to complete it. *sometimes we give extra time...but you will have at least till the end of the month to submit.*
Oh and this year there are no rules as to what we will jack. We will be looking toward all sorts of art for inspiration so no telling who or what we will jack and what it will inspire us to create. Now as always, scrapbooking is our passion, but sometimes we need a little change in our stride to keep our mojo going! So we hope you will join us as we start a new year of jacking.
See ya on the 15th!