Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kristina Contes.....playa, you've been ScrapJacked!

Hey. Welcome to '09, baby.

Us girlies here at SJ, wanted to mix it up for the new year. Why not take inspo from anything, not just a scrapbook page? I know we've chosen Kristina in the past and have jacked her crazy fab layout style.....but this time, I recenetly saw Mrs. Contes' blog and she had posted this hecka cool picture of her wall in her pad. Right away, I thought it would be awesome to use it as a jumping off point to create into a scrapbook page or whatever else your little creative hearts desired.

Fun right?
we think so!

Here is how we Jacked it:






Take the challenge.
Explore the little artist inside you.
Be inspired and create.

Just don't forget to link us up! Can't wait to see how Kristina's wall will inspire you!



jen geigley said...

KC's got the skillz!

Kristi Prokopiak said...

wow cp!! thanks girls, love em :)

Unknown said...

kc...eeekk...such love

here is my take~

Heather said...

Very pretty pages, ladies :)

Here's mine:

Jenneke said...

I love this challenge!!!!!
Here's my take:

Elisa P. said...

Great jack !!!
Here's mine


CHING said...

Great Challenge !!!
Here's my take...

Elisa P. said...

Me again! looks like my link didn't work first time


Nicole Martel said...

here's my jack! This was a ton of fun!!! thanks for the Inspiration Kristina!

Nicole Martel said...

oops here's the link, the other one didn't work.

Nicole Martel said...

ok, I don't know why my layouts aren't linking. one more try

Linnao said...

That is a beautiful wall! This challenge was fun, here's my take:
Doesn't look like the beautiful wall, but WAS inspired by it!

Glenda T. said...

Looovvveeee KC, her stuff seriously rocks the kazba. Here is my take

Louise said...

Typically Awesome Guys and Fabulous Jack!! :)

Here is my take and ta Muchly!! Lou :)x

mandysea said...

This is my first time here, and was absolutely in love with the pic - very inspiring - as with the dt samples!

Here's mine:

Nicole Martel said...

had to take mine down since it's getting pubbed :(

Nicole Martel said... here's a mini that I did based off of the inspiration :)

the"divine"hand said...

Here is my go at it!!! Fantastic inspiration!!!


Staci Compher said...

here is my take on the always inspiring to me...


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