Monday, January 29, 2007

The jack is up...Ali's lift is complete

Yep, we had so much fun jackin' Ali's page. This is Ali's page (the target page), as seen in a recent CK issue.

Now here are our versions of this fab design...

Stacey - "Life is Good"

Court - "Crazy Cousins"

Michelle - "Love of my Life"

Misty - "Summer"

Falyn - "add"

Now you may be wondering what happened to Christina. Well she is smozing with the big dogs at CHA! Out rounding up sponsors and prizes for future Jacks! It is absolutly killing her that she is away and can't play this go round. But if I know CP...she will do the lift anyway when she gets back! Kisses CP! Bring us back a surprise or two!

Alright, now it's your turn. Show us your version of this wonderful page and link us up! Post your page on two peas with "Scrapjacked #1" in the title so we can see them all. Post a link in here in the comment section too. And stay tuned...we will be showin' some love and picking favs! One lucky duck will even win a custom stamp from ZingBOOM kits! Good luck!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ali Edwards...You've Been Scrapjacked!

Ok ya'll here it is, our very first jack...Ms. Ali Edwards herself! Now we are off to deside what page we will lift. Tune in on Monday when we will post our versions of this wonderfully talented woman! Oh this is gonna be fun!



Rose Farver asked......
"Wow do we get to post our links to layout we scrapjacked too?"


YEP!! We'd love to see your lifts! Post a link here when your finished and we'll each choose a favorite to show here at SCRAPJACKED!

:) Peace out.....CP

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"jack is the new lift"

Ok, so what is this all about you ask...well we thought we would define it for you.

Pronunciation: 'skrap'jak-edFunction: verb1 : to scrap-lift a kick butt scrapbooker and show them some madd props.2 a : to move or lift by or as if by a jack b : to raise the level of -- usually used with up c : to take to task

So long story short, we lift. We reinvent. We funk it up a bit. We pick a wonderful, talented scraper and take their style hostage for a week and come up with our own take on thier designs. Think of it as lifting with a twist.

Now here is where you come in...we want you to join us too. Every two weeks we will post who will be jacked the coming week. You have a week to do some research and do your own lift of one of thier pages and send us a link to where it is posted and we will post our favs for all the world to see.

We are also interested in see who you think we should jack. Leave us a comment and let us know. You never may be next.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


yo! stay tuned for some mad scrapjackin'! You may be next!