Thursday, June 26, 2008

KaraJack Winners!

Holy cats batman! You people totally rocked this jack. I mean TOTALLY! But we had to narrow it down. So here are our winners...

Here is a link to her full mini. Check it out!


Lorealle was our guest jacker, Kate's pick!

You can see her full mini here.

So ladies, email us your addies and we will send your goodies your way!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yo Kara...You've Been Jacked!

This week we jacked Kara (AKA: Rumor). We found so much inspiration in this mini she did illustrating a song through photos. So much to love here. You can check out the entire album in her gallery.

Here is how we rocked it...



And our very special guest jacker Kate O'Brien (my partner in crime over at Dig Deeper Kits)! Yes the mini queen herself joined us in jacking Ms. Kara.

I know the pictures are kinda small but we will all be posting in our online galleries too so you can get a closer look.

So what's in it for you? Well a lot actually. In addition to the killer inspiration you will get by just participating, you have a chance to win prizes! Yes I said prizes as in two. This time we have two sponsors. Scenic Route has put together a little prize pack for one lucky winner and Dig Deeper Kits is going to give away a great little vintage scrap pack to a second winner! So get your scrap on sistas and link us up! Deadline for submissions is 6/25.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CONGRATS!!! to PetiteCheri!!!!

we loved your layout!!

you won our random draw for the lisajack!!!
you win a 25$ gift card to the SIS boutique!!!!

and thanks so much to everyone for playing along this time around!!!

here are some of our faves:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

lisafisa you've just been jacked!!!!

i am such a huge fan of lisa's scrapbooking!!
her pages are always so clean and colorful!!!

and this time around we've got a super SISjack!!
this jack is sponsored by the one and only scrapinstyletv and since we're jacking a SISter we thought it would be fun to invite ALL of the f-girls to jack lisa along with us!!!

so here's lisa's awesome layout:

and here's our jacks of her layout:




michelle s

and here are our guest jackers:











michelle t




wow! is that awesome or what!!

so now we want YOU to jack lisa and leave us a link
we'll pick one lucky winner of a $25 scrap in style gift card to the boutique on june 11.

happy jacking :)