Tuesday, July 31, 2007

effer #1, come on down!!!!!!

kristina contes......you've been scrapjacked!!!!

lady love,
we've been jonesing to jack your stuffs since day one.....but we've resisted until now.
jacking you, my favorite effer, the original hambly girl, 2007 HOF winner, and fabulous lablewhore extraordinaire has been the cats pajamas!!!!
we all love what you (and all of the dares) have done for scrapbooking!!!

rock on kc!!

we love you and we love your style!!!

ok, so on to the featured jack for week one of the official darejack '07

here it is:

***and here's the dealio.....jack kristi along with us and link us to your layout before 10pm central time on august 7th

we'll announce our faves for the kristijack sometime on august 8 and we'll post the efferjack for week 2 of darejack '07***

august is rocking!!!!

we can't wait to see your jacks!!!

and here we are:






And remember the scrappy goodness you can win!!! This week is Sponsored by Route 5 Retreat. A fun Scrapbook retreat held in Southern Oregon - Local Stores coming together to create a weekend of sharing, giving and lots of scrapbooking! Proceeds from this special event will benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center. Check it out here or here... Route 5 will be sending you a goodie box with a little bit o' love!

Now get to jackin'!

don't forget to post a link to your jack in the comments here by tuesday night and if you don't have a blogger account you can email us your link to the addy over there ------->

Monday, July 30, 2007

welcome to august!!!!


ok ya'll since the beginning of scrapjacked we've wanted to pay homage to the original challenge blog

and the rocking effer girls kristi, meghan, gen, and nisa

so we decided what better way than by celebrating the release of their book


so here's the plan:

each wednesday in august (starting today) we will be jacking one of the dares

and of course we challenge you to jack them with us

each week we will announce a winner and the next efferjack

on the 5th wednesday in august we will have a special super challenge

only for all of you who have jacked all 4 effers with us

(you don't have to win, you just have to play along)

there will be no jack on september 1st

(b/c we're all gonna need some rest after all of this craziness!)

on september 8th we'll announce the grand jack winner!!!

the grand jack winner of darejack '07 will win a pile of loot from each of us jack girls, a special donation from the fabulous ms. contes herself, and (are you ready for this???)

will get to be our first official "guest jacker" for the September 15 jack!!!!

woo hoo!!!

so put your jackin shoes on and stay tuned for the first official darejack '07 challenge later this evening!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

And the winner is..........

TINA!!!!!! Congrats girl! We just loved your pirate layout! Please send me your addy so we can get your prize out to you :)

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And we can't forget our other favies...check out all the amazing LO's that you all came up with:

And August 1st is right around the corner. You better be keeping your eyes peeled, cause August is going to be one fun month!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wendy Bretz....You've been Scrapjacked!!!!!!

You also know her as Whendeeb over at 2pea's. She is one amazing girl who knows how to rock the design. Since most of us here at scrapjacked do mainly one page LO's, we thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves, as well as all of you, and do a 2 page LO this time around. Here you go:


And this week's jack is sponsored by the lovely kit club Scrap It! They were so gracious and they sent each of us jack girls a kit to do this week's jack with. So check out what we came up with:

4aae Court

7e02 Misty

wildwood22 Falyn

a314 Michelle

d340 Stacey


You know what to do, you have until the 26th to jack this LO.

P.S. August is right around the corner :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

alisonjack winner and faves......

all of the alisonjacks were so so so good that we have debated all day long......and it has been tough.....you guys rock!!!!!
but we had to pick one and here she is!

how awesome is this!!! congrats to casey boyd!!!
does this page rock or what????
great job casey we all just love love loved your entry!!!

and check out some of our faves:

also sadly we have to announce that if we pick a winner for the jacks who has an international shipping address we will have to substitute the sponsored prize with a digital prize from our lovely misty.
we'd love to send you all tons of love via snail mail but it's not fair to ask our VERY generous sponsors to also pay international shipping......

on to better news.....are you ready for august?????
things are getting all ironed out here in scrapjackland and we're so exicted!!!
some of your guesses have been so so close but not in the way any of you intend, lol!!! it's a surprise!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

hinty winty.....

did we mention that we've got BIG plans for august????
cause we do and we're getting mad excited!!!

so stay tuned for alison flynn favorites on the 11th
a new jack on jack on the 15th
(those favorites will be posted on the 26th)
and THEN....
on august 1st.....

good things happen in fours.

that's your hint.....any guesses????