Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MelissaJACK winner!

ELIZABETH ROSEMOND! Here winner, winner, winner!
You mini was beauiful and inspiring and totally our fav. Send us your addie and we will get your prize to ya!

And entries we loved!

So ya'll working on your LuJACK? Come on...let us see! Link us up to the LuJACK post below!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey Lu...We totally jacked you up!

Lu, (aka: lucrecerb) we love your style and your passion for art! So when we saw this page from your art journal, we knew we had to jack it.
I think I can speak for all the other jacker girls when I say that I had a blast painting and letting go a bit! Here is how we jacked it...





So break out that paint and make a work of art! The winner will get a print from Tina over at

Oh and last month's jack winner will be posted soon. Promise!