Wednesday, September 30, 2009

VaNeSSa JACK winner.....

Thanks everyone for playing along (so many rocking layouts) and CONGRATS to miss MICHELLE C. you rocked this challenge! the colors, the layout and the hot cowboy---does it get better than this?!??! :)

send us your adress @


here are a couple of the other entired that we received that we loved.
wish we could post them all...

thanks ladies and come back on the 15th for an spooky OCTOBER jack!!
happy october.


Well, the day is FINALLY here and we have FINALLY chosen our new jackers (yes, that's right... i said jackers. as in... more than one... read on!)

First things first.... we want to thank everyone who took the time to enter. We know what it's like to put yourselves out there and sit back and cross your fingers. I think we've all been in that position. You ladies made this a TOUGH decision. Seriously tough. Please know that every single one of the entrants could have brought something awesome to the jacker table, but unfortunately, we couldn't have that many new jackers ;) However, we do have an AWESOME gallery of people to choose from so WATCH OUT because YOU may be the next person jacked!

So here's the deal.... we set out with the full intention of adding one jacker.... and then when the entries started pouring in, we decided to add two jackers.... and then on the last day when we saw the amazing talent, we knew there was NO way we could possibly do less than 3 jackers (and it was insane to get it down that low).... So I'd like to introduce you to our newest 3 jackers.... that is, if the ladies accept (won't you please join us, girls?!)

Welcome, Mandy Starner!!!
Here is the beautiful page that Mandy submitted to jack:And our girls did it up:

Welcome, Vanessa DeLisio!!!
Vanessa actually submitted the page that we jacked of hers last jack so we took it upon ourselves to pick a different page of hers to jack:And here is how some of our jackers did it up:Michelle

Welcome, Safo Toussaint!!!
Here is the amazing page that Safo sent in for us to jack:
And here is how some of our jackers did her up:Breanne Christina

Again, we want to thank ALL of you for entering. The talent was truly awe-inspiring and amazing. We hope that you will continue to participate in our jacks and stay tuned because we have some awesome things coming up for you all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

we need you 2010!

Scrapjacked is looking for sponsors for 2010! We have a jack once a month and need a sponsor for each month! We LOVE up and coming artists (all you etsy shoppes) and we love the big companies and we love everything in between so if you want to be featured on scrapjacked, please send us an email to ----- Our sponsors send a prize of their choosing to the winner of our jack!

ps: just a reminder... the VanessaJack is still open!

pps: we are BUSY going through "so you think you know jack?" entries. you ladies BROUGHT it. you're making this a terribly difficult decision for us!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Winner of Mandi Jack from AUGUST

Ohhhhhh Glenda...
YOU colored our world with THIS beautiful page! I personally love how you reflected the rainbow element from Mandi's page into the colors of your page and love how the music notes sort of have that same shape. Just stunning! So email us your addie dear!

Here are a few other favs...there were so many...

Thanks everyone for joining in...keep jackin' with us!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Get jACKING!!!!!

we have an awesome layout this month that we jacked from VANESSA! not only do we have an awesome layout but an wickedly talented guest designer MANDI. (you might remember her from last month as we jacked her)
not only are these two awesome designers but their blogs are so inspiring as well! go check them both out!

Here is Vanessa's layout we jacked!!!

Meet our guest jacker Mandi!

I'm just a silly dreamer with too many things to do and too little time. I try to infuse creativity in all parts of my life and I spend way too much energy on the superficial. (Without neglecting the important things in life, that is...) I've made lots of good life long friends through this thing we call scrapbooking, and wouldn't trade this hobby for the world! Vanessa happens to be one of my best scrapbooking friends in the world, so I'm honored to have been asked to hop along on this jack!
Please stop in and visit my at my
I love meeting new friends!

Guest jacker Mandi






and how can we make this even better
the prize this month is from miss elise's etsy store

mixed paper journal click HERE to see it!!!

so go get jacking!!!

also thanks so all of you who have shown interest in scrapjacked! we have recieved so many awesome submissions! we are overwhellmed by how awesome they all are!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

tomorrow's the big day!!

i promise this is the last reminder! tomorrow is the last day to get your "so you think you know jack!?" entries in! just a reminder, our email is we want to see one project and hear a little bit about you and why you think you'd be a good jacker.

if you have already submitted and haven't gotten an email saying that we received your submission, PLEASE re-send. EVERYONE that has sent a submission in should have gotten that email. If you didn't, we didn't get your entry!

also, tomorrow is the new JACK! woohoo! i know i'm excited.... are you!?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Have you been hesitating because you don't know what the perfect page is to send in? (there is no perfect page! we just wanna see you!)

Do you keep saying to yourself... I'll get to it later! Right now I'm _______ (fill in the blank) so I'm too busy. (we're not asking for much! just a page and a short who are ya!)

Do you think you're not good enough and definitely won't get picked because you're a "nobody"? (we love new, fresh talent!)

Do you not remember our email address? (

Did you forget that the deadline is so soon!? (it really is. 3 days, people!)

Well, you better get on it because there are only 3 MORE DAYS to get your entry in and then us scrapjacked girls will have to do some MAJOR selections because you all sent some KILLER entries in.

Get 'em in! And stay tuned for all of you who already submitted! Even we are excited to know who it's gonna be (and NO, we have NO idea yet! We need to see everyone first!)

Friday, September 4, 2009

11 more days!

who's it gonna be!?

we've gotten some GREAT entries so far, but we'd love to see what the rest of you have up your sleeve. 11 more days to get your entries in to

can't wait to see!