Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A little extra curricular SIS Live JACK

Just a little extra curricular JACK action!
This weekend, Beth & I went to the SIS Live Event in TN and we sat with the uber talented Amanda Johnson & Vanessa DeLisio. Needless to say we were so inspired that we all started jacking each other's layouts. Here is what we ended up with...

(originals are on the left & the jacked version is on the right)

Vanessa Jacked Mandi
Michelle jacked Mandi

Michelle jacked Beth

Mandi jacked Vanessa

And Beth jacked Michelle
(sadly Beth has misplaced her layout and this is the only picture of it)

This was so much fun...we highly recommend you trying this with your scrap buddies at your next crop!


Mandi Johnson said...

Yayyyyy!!! :D It was way funnnn.

Vanessa said...

I agree!!

bethchien said...

I am thinking that it got stuffed in one of mom's bags. lol


Bekka said...

These turned out great!

~amy~ said...


Amy said...

aww yay! that is so fun. love all the layouts..

Unknown said...

Wow, can't believe how original looking the "jacked" versions are! beth, you're a crack-up!