Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winner, winner, winner!

Hey lorealle, you totally won!
And some other favs we loved...

Thank you to everyone that rocked the KC jack. Ya'll did it up right!
Now for our next jack...
...well you will just have to wait till tomorrow for that one when Ms. Bre posts what it possibly my FAVORITE jack to date! So come back and play! Oh and lorealle, send us your addie!


mandysea said...

WOW how cooooool to get a fav mention!! Thanks sooooo much!!
Congrats to Lorealle - totally fab LO!!! And to Lou too!! Love them!

Unknown said... I am so totally honored and excited!
Thank you SO much!

Louise said...

Woow!!!!! Too FAB Amy WTG!!!!

And a woo hoo to Mandy and Me [lol] thank you so MUCH guys!!!!!!

:) :) :)

Lou X