Friday, August 1, 2008

debeejack winners!

once again, you all really rocked it out!

but there has to be a winner and that person is Lou! congrats, Lou! we loved your page! please email us your addy

and here are some more that we loved!


Jen said...

honored to be part of the faves ladies.
thought i had actually missed the deadline on this!
serendipity! ;)

Christina C. said...


those are some really rad pages!

Niella said...

Congratulations Louise!!

I *H E A R T* your jack:) Love it!

Super excited to be included in the faves..oh what a dream!!

Thanks:) :) :)

Louise said...


You Guys cant be serious?!

Farout, thank you ever so MUCH!!!

The DC Jacks are UNREAL so I feel hugely Mega Happy, Huge Congrats to you all!!! And esp Niella my downunder bud! WTG Girl!!!!

Binxcat1 said...

Woo hooooo LOU! You rock it EVERYWHERE you go chickie!

Crystal said...
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Glenda T. said...

Congrats Lou!! Honored to be in the faves too! I'm on holidays right now but hope to be able to play again when I get back!