Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey Kids!

Just wanted to share a pic of 1/2 of the ScrapJackers that attended the ScrapETC Event that went down about a week & a half ago in Birmingham.....Good times People, good times indeed.

Stacey, Christina and Michelle.....doing our best "Hear No...Speak No...See No Evil."

In just about 4 days, we will be posting our Target page, along with our ScrapJacked Crew versions for your scrapjacking viewing! This chickadee has a cool way about her scrapbooking, very different and cool. So ya best be back on the 1st Ladies to check her out !!!!!!

No April Fools, we promise!! ;)

PS...... A Fabulous new kit club will be sponsoring our 4-01-07 Jack! We'll be posting a teaser picture of what you can win!!!!


hannakj said...

Cool pics, you looks so cute together. Can't wait to see new kit. Hugs from Iceland, Hanna.

Fauve Design said...

Yay!Can't wait for the next scrapjack!

Unknown said...

ahhh you girls are so darn cute!
wish I could have been there.


Amber Ulmer said...

O... so excited... dying for the jack!! and hints... xoxo

Charin Adams said...

Cute pictures! :) Looking forward to the next jack! :)

Julie said...

Love this site,check it compulsively,and I can't wait for the next jack. Keep up the great work and inspiration girls!

Hilary said...

What fun pictures...and I can't wait to see the next ScrapJack!!