Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh Sally! You done it again!

After another week of awesome submissions and horrible decision making...we went with Sally AKA Native Texan. Her mix of supplies here just totally rocked! I hope you all agree. So as usual, below is just SOME of our other favs. Now don't forget to check back later tonight for your next jack. Hmmm...which one is left? LOL!


Linda said...

I thought winners were picked on the 26th???? Whatz up wit dat?

Michelle Sanders said...

Hi Linda! We're in the middle of DareJACK! This month we are doing a jack a week and posting every wednesday with the winner and the new jack. We will be back to our normal schedule next month.

casey boyd said...

Congrats Sally, your layout is awesome!!! It stood out in my mind as the best when I was checking everyones out.

Tina said...

yes...totally agree! loved Sally's page! congrats ;)

and I'm SO ready for Nisa!!

mary h. said...

Yeehaw, TEX! You so deserve it.

And congrats to all the faves.

Anonymous said...

awesome winner! not a favorite. that's okay-i wasn't proud of it anyway...excited for the next one though! ideas are just pouring into my membrane!

Barb said...

Great picks!
Can't wait to see which Nisa LO we will jack.

Dana said...

luved yr page Sally!!! Yeah!!

sally hanna said...

thanks y'all.
and thanks for picking my darejack girls!

i {heart} scrapjacked!!
but you already knew that, right???

Funky Finds said...

awesome layout! i'm a texan, too!!

Scrapdragons said...

cool layouts!
I so want to startdoing these again...maybe when the kids are back in school.
Keeping up with our challenges has made it hard to find time for all my favorites.