Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who rocked it?

Glendatkalac, YOU rocked it! We just loved your artful interpretation of the ChezJack! Congrats!
These are a few other rockin' pages that are worth taking a peek at...

Thank you all for jacking with us and glendatkalac, send us your addy for your prize! Stay tuned for our next jack shortly!


Glenda T. said...

wow!!! Just stopped by to check out the next jack and saw I won!! Thanks so much! I always look forward to seeing who you guys jack and love playing along. I emailed you my addy and am waiting for the next jack. You guys are awesome!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

congrats to glenda!!

and my big dude was happy to see his "boy of summer" layout posted!! he'll have a good day at school, now;0) thanks!

judean said...

hehe, thanks for the shout out on my layout!
glenda's is fab, congrats!!

Beth Perry said...

Congrats Glenda!

Yo scrapjackers!
I think you should scrapjack this next:

I so want an excuse to do something like this. I love it!

Shakira said...

Thanks for the love on my layout :) Congrats Glenda!!!