Thursday, June 26, 2008

KaraJack Winners!

Holy cats batman! You people totally rocked this jack. I mean TOTALLY! But we had to narrow it down. So here are our winners...

Here is a link to her full mini. Check it out!


Lorealle was our guest jacker, Kate's pick!

You can see her full mini here.

So ladies, email us your addies and we will send your goodies your way!


Christina C. said...

aaaaah! THANK YOU!

so excited. so very excited.

Genevieve said...

Congrats girls, awesome minis!

Can't wait for the next Jack!

MandieGirl said...

congratulations! so cool! both so great

Louise said...

Awesome Choices guys, congratulations Ladies!!! :)

Nicole said...

congrats ladies!

Kristina said...

Congrats girls!! =)

~*AMY*~ said...

WOW, thank you!!!! i'm totally honored (and speechless)

lorealle (amy)